Raising the Bar


There is Nothing New Under the Sun…To Create is to Reinterpret

Always creating wonderful moments at Verve! Our artists recreate the known it bring it to new Verve Style heights .. Enjoy this special moment …  
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Verve on Restaurant Hunter’s “High Fives”

FiOS1 News’ end-of-the-year “Best of” episode, Restaurant Hunter’s “High Fives,” airs Thursday, December 14th at 8 p.m. Verve will be featured in this episode, you can tune into FiOS1 News, Channel 501 or 1 on Verizon...
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October 2017 Newsletter

See the full, interactive newsletter here.
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Verve Is Going To The Finals!

Come show support October 9th at the Asbury Park Hotel!
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Verve Bistro, Bar & Lounge bar man wins 2016 Iron Shaker Competition

“There are only two real ways to get ahead today – sell liquor or drink it.” — W.C. Fields   SOMERVILLE, NJ – Verve Bistro, Bar, & Lounge, Somerville’s “center of the universe” gathering place, will now add to its well...
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The Iron Shaker 2015 Finals

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N.J.’s best wine, whiskey and martini bars

AH, THE COCKTAIL. It’s been de rigueur at parties since … well, forever. Those fellows of “Mad Men” and the gals of “Sex and the City” were always raising a glass at swanky gatherings. One doesn’t have attend...
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N.J.’s best bars: The 10 finalists revealed (VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE)

And then there were ten. After three weeks, countless drinks, and thousands of miles, it’s time to announce the 10 finalists in our N.J.’s best bars showdown, which began in Belleville on a bitter cold night in January, and ended in Lambertville...
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N.J.’s best bars: T-shirts, crowd chants and crafty cocktails in Somerville

So some bar-hopping, bald-headed guy walks into a Somerville restaurant/cocktail lounge and finds . . . T-shirts with his face and the words “The Judge. The Jury” being handed out to patrons. The highlight, or lowlight, of my career (Peter...
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